welcome to the rinzone

this is my little place where i host a lot of things.

i'm rin, rinya, or rinyafii (they/she) (previous: rinuwaii, fite/fiteuwu, or Fite4DIMONDZ). i am a (very closeted irl) trans girl who spends most of her time online making things for fun. i come from the land of Northeast Ohio, and i'm proud of it.

i have a lot of interests, way too many to count. some are:

  • vocaloid
  • vector graphic design
    • i like working on logos, ui assets, road signs, and license plates. however like to give my shot at pretty much anything
    • mainly (pretty much exclusively) use Inkscape
  • roblox development (current admin at Cube Studios)
    • i mainly develop UI and scripts, but also like to make maps when i'm in the mood
  • computer hardware & general tech stuff
    • ive built 1 pc and modified many more
    • always running windows insider & ios beta builds
  • road & road signage design
  • minecraft server hosting
  • web development (its not my strength but i can do it)
  • cooking!


(blog posts)

i dont actually do a lot of thinking tbh

(not actually doing these yet but its here lol)


the big stuff

Project Midnight is a [currently in beta] open-world driving game built by myself and a few of my close friends, built on Roblox.

It aims to be as open-ended as games like BeamNG, while having detailed & explorable maps like Forza Horizon, with planned racing mechanics like Midnight Club and Roblox standard roleplay mechanics that you can opt out of if wanted.

NOTE: Currently, the game is only playable on PC.

i do

  • Backend development
  • UI
  • Branding
  • Assets
  • (Some) Maps
  • a lot more
  • Wirespanner is a plugin for Roblox Studio that allows you to place down multiple sections of Rope in a single action.

    Born out of a wish in Cube Studios development for a "Power line plugin", but made into something that anyone can adapt & use to their needs.

    This is a mod for BeamNG.Drive that adds some of my license plate recreations into the game, specifically various plates of Indiana

    minor projects and other things i do

    theme stuff

    a single repo full of the various css tweaks i publish

    mostly Discord css snippets and spicetify themes

    other things im involved in


    honestly all i did was make the logos